1940 to 1979


The Junior Service League of Daytona continued it’s fundraising activities with the used book sales, charity balls, and rummage sales. The charity focus of the League continued to be on the health needs of children in the area, and to that end, both the Dental Clinic and Well Baby Clinic continued to serve the children of Volusia County. The Well Baby Clinic was given to the Volusia County Health Unit upon its creation in 1948-49.

Additionally, the Junior Service League of Daytona took a cue from other Leagues, and began to develop children’s theatre programs.  They began with the show “Captive Maid,” in 1942, and continued with marionette shows and weekly children’s radio shows on WROD.

A major focus for the League during this decade was volunteer service in support of the war effort.


Fundraising in the 1950’s continued with used book sales, rummage sales, and fashion shows. The Junior Service League cookbook was published in 1957-58, and that same year the first Bundles Coffee was hosted by the Sustainers Group, which had been organized in 1956.

The children’s theatre produced such events as “Brigadoon,” in 1950-51, and many fairy tale productions which were performed in area schools.

In 1949-1950, the Junior Service League managed the Easter Seals Drive in the area, and thus was born a relationship between these two organizations that continues today.

The Junior Service League School for Speech Correction was founded on February 1, 1950, largely as the result of Junior League member Ellen Black. This clinic later expanded its services and was renamed the Junior Service League Orthopedic Center. By 1959, the Center had a full-time medical director.


In the 1960’s, the Thrift Shop was born, and hired it’s first employee in 1964-65. In 1968, it moved to a new downtown location. Other fundraising efforts included charity balls and sale of the cookbooks.

The children’s theatre was transformed from fairy tale productions to a new format emphasizing American Folklore. The production from 1967 was televised and broadcast under the title, “18th Century — The Age of Enlightenment.” This production was Second Prize for the best educational TV show in Florida that year!

The Orthopedic Center built a new facility, with a gala groundbreaking on April 11, 1965. The Community Services Council was organized and chartered in 1967, and became a U.F. agency in 1968.

The relationship between the Junior Service League and the Florida Music Festival began in 1966, when the Junior Service League sponsored a Champagne Gala for their benefit. That same year another long term relationship began, when the Junior Service League voted to support the development of the Planetarium at the Museum of Arts & Sciences.


In the 1970’s, the number and scope of the community services provided by the Junior Service League exploded!

The Children’s theater continued and expanded to include traveling puppet shows, known as the Bundles Tea, in 1979.

The Junior Service League also supported the development of the Planetarium, sponsored annual exhibits and summer science programs.  They also funded the first Docent program, at the Museum of Arts & Sciences. In addition, the Junior Service League was involved in the funding, publicity, and hands-on work in developing the Giant Sloth exhibit at the Museum.

New anti-drug programs were developed and presented in schools throughout the county, along with programs designed to assist children with learning disabilities. School programs focusing on ecology were developed as well. The Junior Service League continued its commitment to serving the health needs of the community children, by continuing its support of the children’s’ dental programs and supporting the Pediatric Unit at Halifax Hospital.

The continued relationship with Easter Seals included, among other things, the Junior Service League’s funded the salary for an occupational therapist at the Easter Seals Center, and helped support the Easter Seals pre-school programs.

The Wilder-Irwin Building, located at 122 S. Palmetto Ave, Daytona Beach, Florida, was purchased as a home for the Thrift Shop and the League Office.