Human Trafficking Initiative

The Junior League of Daytona Beach is a proud member of

The Freedom 7 Human Trafficking Task Force

(Volusia, Flagler, Putnam, and St. Johns Counties)

Junior League Members want to end human trafficking in our area.

This dress symbolizes how little victims often have. #NotForSale #IAmPriceless #EndHumanTrafficking

Photo Credit: Joe Piaskowski of DBA 728 Photography




Junior League Members put together backpacks to give to the Daytona Beach Police Department, for distribution to local human trafficking victims.


This committee is dedicated to an ongoing education campaign and raising awareness about human trafficking, through community-wide events that bring together leadership of various local agencies and businesses. The Human Trafficking Committee provides an open forum to discuss how to identify victims in our area and what can be done to help end this modern-day slavery.

This will be the fourth year of participating in the international movement – Little Black Dress Initiative – in which women across Volusia County wear the same black dress for 5 days in a row, to exemplify the complete lack of possessions (including clothing) most human trafficking victims have with them when they are rescued. Women will also wear a button that reads, “Ask me about my dress!” and have educational cards to be given out.


The Junior League of Daytona Beach currently provides backpacks filled with clothing, hygiene items, and a few extra personal pieces to local law enforcement, to be distributed to human trafficking victims.  These items are given out to victims, so they can begin to rebuild their lives with basic necessities, after being pulled from these dangerous situations.

Other initiatives include, partnering with the Junior League of Greater Orlando and the Junior League of Tampa, for a Florida coast-to-coast awareness campaign.  This involves participation in the Light the Way and Walk with Me events, and the creation of two Public Service Announcements, please check the videos out below!