Little Black Dress Initiative

During The Little Black Dress Initiative, women across Volusia County are wearing the same dress for 5 days in a row, to exemplify the complete lack of possessions (including clothing!), most human trafficking victims have with them when they are rescued. The Little Black Dress Initiative will run from January 9th – 13th, 2023.

The Junior League of Daytona Beach currently provides backpacks filled with clothing, hygiene items, and a several extra personal pieces to local law enforcement and agencies, to distribute to these victims.  This is done so they can begin to rebuild their lives with basic necessities after being pulled from these dangerous situations.  Even the smallest donation from you could help fund these backpacks of hope.


Polaris | We Fight to End Human Trafficking (

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Resources for Victims of Human Trafficking and Other Crimes | USCIS


For every $35.00 donated, we are able to supply one backpack to a human trafficking victim!



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